Man Candy

I wasnt really crazy about the outfit I put together yesterday, so today, instead of an outfit post, I’m doing a post on something that’s always been sort of puzzling to me. Menswear. I love men (can you tell I’m single?) and I love men who know how to dress. But shopping for men…well, that’s always been a bit difficult for me. I know what I like and I know what I like to see men in, but somehow I’ve never been very good at shopping for them. In highschool my best friend was this incredibly stylish guy named Lu. Shopping for him was the hardest task I’ve ever undertaken. I’d stand in the mens section of whatever store I was in and just sift through things in that dazed, befuddled sort of way old people do when their trying to figure out their cell phones. It’s not that his taste is particularly expensive or exclusive, I just never knew where to begin. A sweater? A pair of shoes? A tie? Shopping for guys has always been a real struggle for me. I wish I had had one of these extremely stylish gents along with me to help me pick out something for him.

I love men who dress like men. The “lumberjack” hipster look, in my opinion, is like the sexiest man-look ever. That navy sweater the gentlman is wearing above on the right is so perfect. Understated, uncomplicated, with just the right details (the pattern and the collar) to make it interesting.

As much as I love the understated look of a man in jeans and a t-shirt, there is something undeniably sexy about a man in a suit. Don Draper may well have ruined me for life with his skinny ties and perfectly cut suits. The image on the right is from Dolce & Gabbanas recent collection and I love the white-on-white (though I personally know zero guys who would be able to keep it that white). While the guy on the lefts use of color and accessories is probably better than some of the girls I know.
A floral scarf adds a level of interest to the gent on the rights otherwise simple and classic look.
Personally I love the use of the bungee chords as accessories. How unique…and potentially functional if you need to move anything while out looking shmexy. 
Fall Menswear Essentials:
1. Leather :: gloves, jackets, boots…it’s manly. it’s rugged. it’ll keep you toasty warm.
2. Pea Coat/Trench :: adds a dash of sophistication to anything.
3. Chunky Knit Sweaters :: preferably with some sort of interesting detail; a unique neckline, a pattern, unique buttons.
4. Scarves :: when paired with the pea coat/trench they take jeans and a t-shirt up quite a few levels.
5. A Hat :: be it a fedora or pageboy, I don’t care. It’ll cover yo mop and keep you warm.
Remember guys, it’s all in the details. A dash of color here, playfully mixing patterns there and lookit that, your a heartthrob in the making.
Ok, I’m gonna be honest….the majority of this post is just eye candy (I clearly have a “type”).
{all photos via :: the sartorialist}

P.S: I have no freakin clue why nothing will align properly, but I just spent 45 minutes just trying to get the photos side by side so I give up. F you Blogger.

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