Treasure Hunting

A few weekends ago, my man and I made the short trek across the bridge to Treasure Island for the massive Flea Market that is held there. It was a gorgeous San Francisco fall day and I can’t imagine any better way to have enjoyed it than strolling through a sea of treasures and oddities beneath the brilliant blue sky.
M and I have a serious thing for sausages, and this little food cart never fails to dazzle us with its unique meat selections and tasty toppings. I think we scored an elk and a boar sausage each and devoured them while lounging in the grass and gazing out over the beautiful San Francisco Bay to where our city glittered on the water.
After much oohing and ahhing, and perhaps a little bit of budget breaking, we made our way back to my place to congratulate ourselves on our purchases and enjoy the rest of the warm day cruising around SF. As we approached my corner we discovered this little troupe of musicians making people’s ears happy with some tuneage. Leftover Cuties is a fun little indie-folk band that my man had actually seen at SXSW this year and mentioned to me that I might enjoy their sound. What a coincidence that they should end up on my corner, making music for the masses of tourists on Haight Street.
After hanging out for a bit and dropping a couple of bucks into their jar, we adjourned to the roof of my building, to enjoy the sun and their music. All in all, quite the idyllic day.

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