used my head like a revolver

Oh, shit. It’s 2013.
so much for resolution #679: quit smoking…
met up with my new friend Gillian Keller to play a bit of dress up and snap some pics in Golden Gate Park. Gillian is the whiz kid behind Trixieland Epic Photography. She’s a collaborative artist of sorts, mixing her own wardrobe, ideas, and settings with those of her model to create images that speak of both who she is, and who her subjects are. I’ve tweaked these a bit for the blog, but check out TrixieLand for more epic photography.
{jacket | thrifted} {top | Gillian’s} {leopard jeans | Gillian’s} {belt | thrifted} {shoes | eh…?} {jewelry | mix Gillian’s and White Buffalo}

BTW, how rad are these pants? Something about the light and the 70’s rocker vibe I’m diggin off these images has put me in the mood for some T. Rex (maybe it’s also the fact that my new hair cut is slightly reminescent of Marc Bolan’s? No? Maybe?) and this song in particular may-or-may-not have been playing in my head as I jumped around and shook my hair like a maniac in front of all the lucky folks chilling in the meadow. Listen. It’s good for your groove.
T. Rex | Planet Queen

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