We Are Handsome | The Crossing 2013

discovered We Are Handsome and their incredible line of swimwear through Nylon and recently happened upon this sun-drenched fashion video on their blog.

Two things;
1.) no fair. it’s like 48* in SF and the wind is howling and this torturous glimpse at boat-lounging ladies in bad-ass bathing suits only made my longing for summer days spent on the lake that much worse. endless winter, go away!

2.) i’m sorry, koi fish bikini tops? wild stallions galloping triumphantly across my tummy? i’m just going to go on record and say that i am 100% behind (no pun intended) emblazoning a panda face on my bum all summer long. i think Panda Butt would be an adorable nickname.

so, be warned. this video will make you want to strip down and get some sun on your winter whitened limbs. if you’re like me and summer temps are still a ways out for you, you can at least go shop We Are Handsom’s 2013 collect, The Crossing, and fantasize about the day you are once again reunited with your tan.

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