Jane Austin Update | The Lizzie Diaries

So, if you’re a nerd and you like the interwebz, or you were a female born between 1988 and 1995 who enjoyed reading YA Fiction, you may have heard of a gentleman by the name of John Green, or even be familiar with his and his brothers YouTube channel and the little fandom that’s sprung up around them, known as Nerdfighters. No? Ok, well, anyways…he’s funny and smart and creative and you should be into him too. So, one of his most recent endeavors is a little project entitled The Lizzie Diaries.

The YouTube web series is shot video-diary style by one Miss Lizzie Bennet and the rotating cast of her dear friend, Charlotte, and her two sisters, Lydia and Jane…sound familiar? Not yet? Well, she’s also got a meddlesome mother whose obsessed with marrying her daughters off…and there’s a kind of mysterious and douchey dude named Darcey whose hanging out with her sisters new boyfriend and…OK, IT’S PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!

What? You totally didn’t have it.

Anyways, it’s pretty amusing and if you’re a fan of old Ms. Austin, you’ll probably enjoy this fun, fresh update.

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