Brain Clutter | None of this is About March Madness

  • Echoes | Shine By Three | this beautifully written post by Margaret Zhang from over at FELLT made me long for the profond peace that accompanies setting down your technology and allowing yourself to be absorbed in the beauty of nature. Also, beautiful shots of her looking casually gorgeous.
  • Diego, Frida and Me | The Paris Review | Molly Crabapple is an incredibly talented artist, a political activist, and a feminist whose voice is so compelling in this article for The Paris Review on the difference between men and women's artistic expression, and the strange limitations our society imposes on both sexes based purely on gender roles. An interesting read.
  • We Already Have A Black Girl | Jezebel | Chanel Iman–who, by the way, is fucking gorgeous, regardless of skin color–still often hears the words “we already have a black girl, we don't need you.” Jenna Sauers discusses the continuing racist runway model casting decisions of many major fashion labels.
  • 8 New and Necessary Punctuation Marks | College Humor | Totally agree. Also, you can apparently download the font and use these. Lets make this happen folks.
  • Better Tech for the Environment | Sarah Wilson | cool little article on which is better for the environment, looking at everything from dishwashers vs. hand washing (surprisingly, dishwashers won) to suggestions like completely filling your freezer to save energy.
  • Boy Bashing: Learning to Watch Our Words | Darling Magazine | it's so easy to get sucked into the pattern of talking badly about others, particularly the men in our lives. in this article, Nicole Zasowski discusses how detrimental boy bashing is to not just the guys we're gabbing about, but also to us as women.


  • Boys Will Be Boys | Rookie | on the other hand, we women need to start calling BS on this culture of male entitlement. this account by a trans guy who was shocked to discover the inherent misogyny in many men that isn't exposed to women on a regular basis. As a man transitioning from a woman, Tyler's perspective is unique as he get's that sort of fly on the wall experience with the guys, and is shocked by the sexual entitlement of most of the men he encounters, something he said, as a woman he never understood and, as a man now, still doesn't.


  • Blood Orange Bundt Cake | Sea Of Shoes | ok, who is this Jane Aldridge chick and why did she get all the good genes? seriously, the bitch is gorgeous, has amazing taste, runs one of my favorite blogs over at Sea of Shoes and a completely heart-stopping wardrobe, AND she can bake? WTF. No fair.


  • Polaroid Instagram Camera: The Socialmatic | Fast Company | OMFG. how cool is that? a web-enabled digital camera that uploads your snaps to Instagram as well as prints them out, just like a real polaroid camera. they should be on the market in early 2014…their estimating a price tag of about $350…which I'm ashamed to admit I will happily shell out for this nifty little bit of nostalgic tech. Plus, it's freakin' cute.
  • “Plus Sized” Swedish Mannequins | xoJane | i'm sure by now we're all familiar with those snaps of “plus sized” mannequins in a Swedish department store, and the viral hooplah that has ensued. don't get me wrong, i'm totally behind the hooplah. carry on hooplah-ing. but this article by Lesley, a self-proclaimed “fat girl” presents an interesting argument for why those completely normal looking body types aren't actually doing all that much for body acceptance.
  • Gemstone Paintings | Carly Waito | how cool are these lovely paintings og gemstones by the talented miss Carly Waito. You can check out more of her work, and discover more about Miss Waito over on her blog as well. I thought they were just too lovely, and I want all of them.


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