style | a place in the sun

2013-02-14 08.14.41

{peacock feather skirt | Goodwill}{sheer houndstooth top | Goodwill}{black 1/4 sleeve cardigan | Goodwill}
{sunnies | Buffalo Exchange}{black booties | eh?}{tooled leather + silver belt | momma}

2013-02-14 19.30.51

hey, look at that…an entirely thrifted outfit. except the shoes…and the name of the shop I got them at escapes me. Somewhere in the mission. this skirt is like my BFF, thing never lets me down.

2013-02-14 08.04.20

2013-02-14 19.28.40

2013-02-14 08.23.08

15 thoughts on “style | a place in the sun

  1. I’m loving the golden light in these photos :) so suiting for a SF girl :-) we were watching a travel show this weekend and it was about SF. I set my mind on seeing San Fran this summer, but unfortunately plane tickets turned out to be as expensive as three pair of Louboutins :-(

    • Ouch. Yes, it is fairly expensive this time of year. Check flights to Oakland, I hear its a bit cheaper to fly into that airport. If you make it out and need a guide to show you around or recommend anything, let me know!

  2. I am loving your outfit and pictures! That skirt is lovely and you have a great blog, I love it.


    • ah! you!
      omg, i’m having such a fangirl moment.
      love your blog, sister, and your amazingly curated shop. i spend waaaayyyy too much internet-time perusing your wares.

  3. Not sure how you found my blog but hi!! :) also, my name is Elizabeth too!

    love your peacock skirt! It’s always hard to find ones that are fun and cute!

    • pretty sure it was LB serendipity.
      i always wanted to go by Eli, but by the time I figured out that was a legit Elizabeth moniker, everyone already knew me as Liz. *sigh*
      anyways, thanks for stopping by!

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