Hurry Up and Live

I'm addicted to TED talks. They're like perfectly succinct little life lessons on pretty much any topic and I have so many favorites. I only recently stumbled upon this talk by Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist whose research focuses on 20-something's and whose book, The Defining Decade, explores the myriad reasons your twenties are not just a transitional period from adolescent to the important stage of adulthood. It's now on my reading list and this talk has been making me do some incredibly hard thinking about my life and the way I've been looking at things.

She argues that our 20s are some of the most important times of our lives and that waiting around for “adulthood” is one of the most detrimental things we can do to ourselves. In a classic take on the “seize the day” attitude, Jay argues that twenty something's need to stop “killing time” and waiting for life to start and begin recognizing that this is the era in which we shape some of the most fundamental habits and ideas within our lives. She postulates that the relationships, work, experiences, and habits our generation has will be the ones that define us in the coming decades, and if you hope to be a successful, well adjusted adult, your twenties are the age in which you have the opportunity to shape yourself into the person you hope to be.

So stop wasting time. Stop waiting for “real life” to begin. It's already started and you'll be sorry if you look back on this time in your life and realize you were just treading water.


2 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Live

  1. Wow I wholeheartedly agree with the advice! Don’t think your twenties don’t count and that wasting a decade will not catch up with you. There’s still tons of time to have fun in your twenties while still making sure you are laying the groundwork for the future.

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with this advice! You can have tons of fun in your twenties without wasting it and that extra lot of laziness thinking you’ll get it together later is a big mistake.

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