I ❤ SF | Idle Hand Tattoo Parlor

Yesterday afternoon, my roommates and I took a little field trip to Idle Hand, a tattoo parlor in the Lower Haight, where my sweet roomie, Tara got her first tattoo. In the capable hands Ryan Schaffer–who also works over at Picture Machine–Tara had a verse from the Shel Silverstein poem Listen To The Mustn’ts etched onto her inner arm in her fathers handwriting.
We came along as emotional support and I managed to snap a few shots of the interior of this awesome spot. Taxidermy, text and flash art tattoos adorned every wall, and the handsomely inked gents running the place were kind enough to let me wander around with my camera without getting totally irritated, so thanks boys.
Tara handled it like a champ and it seems to be healing nicely. This little adventure totally lit a flame under me to get my next piece drawn up. I know exactly what I want but I just need to put it down on paper, or have someone else sketch it up for me. Also, it’s going to cost a small fortune.
Do you have any tattoos? What of, or what would you like to get? Oh, and if you’re looking to make it a reality, hit up Ryan or any of the talented artists at Idle Hand. Tell ’em Gypsi sent ya.
Idle Hand Tattoo
575 Haight St. @ Steiner
San Francisco, CA 94117

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