Brain Clutter | 07.07.2013

  • Rookie understands how awesome Tina Belcher of Bob’s Burgers is, and when they break it down, I realize I have a lot in common with homegirl.
  • this awesome map of the U.S. with literal translations of the names of states and cities that are something straight out of a fantasy novel.
  • this lovely photo diary of a day spent on the Bordeux waterfront over on Cuillere A Absinthe..
  • this gorgeous photo essay of an idyllic weekend getaway to the Clare Valley in South Australia over on Vanessa’s blog.
  • Digital Grotesque is an ambitious architectural project to 3D-Print an elaborately decorated room, and the 1:3 scale prototypes are pretty mind-bending. 3D printing, kids. it’s the future.
  • this sugar-coma inducing tour of San Francisco’s Ferry Building shops over on Bakerella showcases San Francisco’s obsession with baked goods.
  • this company makes custom ViewMaster’s, personalized with your photos. How cute!!
  • Christina over at Profresh Style is hilarious, fashionable, intelligent and just all around awesome. Check out this video she made on how to motivate yourself to fully understand why i’m developing a mad girl-crush on her.
  • this dreamy tumblr, DRIFT, is the photo-diary of Hannah Davis as she documents her 6 month journey around the world.
  • and the bitch-queen Sorority sister who crafted this amusingly abusive letter to her fellow sisters is now giving dating advice. thank god.
  • independent artist and researcher, Nickolay Lamm created a Barbie that more accurately represents the female population, and she be fly as fuck.
  • an interesting app by Nike which breaks down the environmental impact of the various materials used to create a designer’s product.
  • i have been thinking a lot about random acts of kindness, and how easy it is to forget that the strangers around us are people too, struggling just as hard as we are…so  Sincerely, Kinsey‘s post on her words of kindness project really struck home with me. Can you give two random strangers a genuine compliment, every day  for a year?
  • this article by Refinery29 on switching to an all natural beauty routine got me thinking about the products i use. any recommendations?

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