watch this | burton presents [snowboarding]

Growing up in a place where skiing and snowboarding are the two primary sports, I spent most of my childhood on the faces of various snow-covered mountains, strapped into either a set of skis or a snowboard. If there was a particularly heavy snowfall on any given weekday, I could expect half of my class to be missing from school in the morning, and people sported goggle tans and broken wrists like badges of honor from the snowy battlefield. To this day, I own more ski equipment than pairs of intact tights. I was never particularly good at snowboarding–terrible really, skiing is much more my thing–but I love watching the athletes who have re-shaped the sport since it began to slowly take over the slopes in the 90’s. Snowboarding videos have always been sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. I used to watch That’s It, That’s All over and over with my snow-bro guy friends at the end of the summer, immersed in a cloud of pot smoke and itching for the snow to start falling. So hearing that Burton is coming out with a free, downloadable four part web series entitled Burton Presents [Snowboarding] has me sort of excited. Burton seems to have really outdone themselves for this one. The trailer alone looks epic. Shot on a RED epic camera and utilizing a MoVi camera stabilizer— which is just a cool piece of equipment–the first part of the trailer scopes out Burton’s new Vermont production facility in one long, sweeping shot, which depicts their roster of outrageously talented riders working the factory line. Then the fun begins as the footage of these kids throwing down at the sport they dominate at begins. I am both insanely jealous and utterly awed.

Check out the full series over on Burton’s website. Episodes will kick off on September 13th with the Backcountry feature and will drop every two weeks thereafter with spots focusing on urban riding, women’s riding and culminating in the resort sessions. If that doesn’t get you excited for winter, I don’t know what will.

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