Timewarp | Sassy Magazine October 1990 Twin Peaks Fashion Spread

The Internet Gods have been kind, children. For they, in all their divine wisdom and benevolence, have seen fit to bestow upon us these gorgeous scans of Sassy Magazine‘s fantastic October 1990 fashion spread, inspired by Twin Peaks. Tracked down by the incredibly diligent and gracious Remyrouge, and shared on the addictive tumblr Sassy Magazine LIVES.

I am crying.

Also, I think I just figured out my Halloween costume.


Sassy Magazine October 1990 Twin Peaks Fashion Spread 5

In other Twin Peaks related news; the very smart lady behind the very stylish blog Urban Tease, recently shared her senior thesis for the whole wide internet to read. Entitled “She’s Dead – Wrapped in Plastic”: Unwrapping Rape Culture in Twin Peaks. It’s a fascinating exploration of the underlying themes of misogyny, victim blaming and rape culture within the Twin Peaks narrative.
In addition to being one incredibly intelligent lady, Chloe is also outrageously hip and her style is incredible. Check her out over at Urban Tease.

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