Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman
I always put Halloween costumes off to the last possible moment, and usually end up throwing something together out of the contents of my closet and a few chaotically purchased/borrowed items the day of. This has always worked rather well for me, as my style is already fairly costume-y as it is, so my wardrobe lends itself nicely to playing dress up.
I don’t have a camera this year (le sigh) and I haven’t actually finished putting together my costume, I can’t show you it. Instead, I’m posting a little get up I created utilizing the wonders of Polyvore and the Internetz. Behold, my vision of a gloriously vintage witch’s costume. Lady-like with a hint of wickedness. A little bit inspired by the new season of American Horror Story and by my general fascination with witches, witchcraft and the dark arts. I would wear most of this with or without the holiday. Any excuse to wear opulent jewelry, beaded shifts and warm woolen capes. Oh, and those Tory Burch dragonfly heels? Oh. My. God. I die.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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