OOTD | A Trip to Oakland


wpid-Photo-Dec-17-2013-425-AM.jpg{boots :: Steve Madden | socks :: old H&M | tights :: Hue | shorts :: Levi’s via Marshall’s | sweater :: Old Navy via Goodwill | denim jacket :: Climate Control via Wasteland | shades :: Clobba Haight St.}





Crossed the bay over to Oakland yesterday to meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks. The moon was huge and yellow as it came up over the Oakland skyline and I immediately regretted not bringing my camera with me. I am hesitant to bring it out with me since my last one was stolen. I have this wierd anxiety that I am going to set it down somewhere and it’ll just be gone. I need to get over this.

I caught Bart over to West Oakland and met up with my friend Dani, who bartends with me at my work. She’s a fantastic Floridian of the non-crazy variety. Or at least the good crazy variety. She scooped me up in her darling little orange rollerskate of a car and we headed over to feast upon the visual and culinary deliciousness over at Mua Oakland bar and restaurant. Their industrial/warehouse space is fantastic and huge, full of interesting art, attractive human beings,  and outstanding libations. A tiny, elderly asian woman in a green dress seated us at one of the small round tables in the center of the dining room, where we had a full 360 degree view of the restaurant, with it’s double-height ceiling and exposed brick walls. Their bar is beautiful and well populated, even on a Tuesday evening. We started out with the burrata and the beef bone marrow, which were both mouth watering. Our other coworker, Povi, joined us with her brother and not long after my friend Prudence arrived. We caught up over another round of drinks and an order of the citrus-chili chicken wings, which might have been my favorite of the evening. I got the duck confit for the main course and completely devoured the whole thing. The cocktails were scrumptious, my personal favorite being the rosemary martini, which was so refreshing and light it was a little bit dangerous. So easy to drink!

We moved on to Plum on Broadway, which was dimly lit and beautifully appointed, with mirrored light fixtures and walls papered in poetry. The bartenders were friendly and entertaining and the drinks were excellent and well recommended. It was a quiet evening, with maybe eight or nine other people at the bar with our group, most of whom seemed to be on dates; it was a tuesday night, after all. We lingered at the bar for a bit before moving to an open window table and carrying on conversations on all manner of things as the few people out on the street passed our warm little bubble of inebriated conversation.

It was a pleasantly crisp evening, with the christmas lights twinkling on the oak trees all over town. I was comfortable in these Levi’s shorts layered over a pair of tights, with some wooly warm socks keeping my toes from freezing in my boots. I ended up swapping this jacket out for my vintage velvet trench and my new favorite scarf (which I wore together here).

All in all a lovely night full of grand adventures with friends new and old. I don’t get over to Oakland enough, so I’m excited to have friends that live over there and know their way around. It’s funny, I have loads of family in the East Bay, but I never really explored it much. It’ll be fun discovering what it has to offer.

inspiration | i tie no weights to my ankles

You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy by rocketrictic on flickr


image by rocketrictic

it is not easy, letting things go, but I’m beginning to realize that carrying all these old hurts around with me has left me buried in the mud up to my thighs. i’m starting to set them aside, but it’s hard not to mull over them as i begin to untangle the heavy ropes binding them to me. there’s a lot of pain in a life. there’s a lot of disappointment. and sometimes it’s easier to focus on those things; those epic wounds, those brutal battles. sometimes, it’s not even easy, sometimes it’s just all you can see. sometimes it may seem as though these things define you. that they shape your life with their pressure, mold your world with their weight. i’m beginning to realize that the only way they can do this if you allow them to. that weight is on your shoulders because you refuse to shrug it off. you keep it there with ropes that bind you to your pain. all the things you are unwilling to forgive or forget. they only define you because you keep them close.

i am beginning to unravel all the stings I have attached. the things keeping me tied to these ancient grudges. i hope in cutting them free i will find some peace.

Window Shopper | Happy Camper

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These fantastic vintage and handmade finds are from my favorite internet window-shopping retreat, Etsy, and man, have they got my heart aching for some communal time with mother nature. And since August was always the month of the summer I spent exploring the woods and sacrificing earthworms on fish hooks, it seemed appropriate to post this little nostalgic glimpse into the camping trips of my youth. I’m fairly sure my father still has his military issue sleeping bag from his time in the service. I can practically smell the campfire and pine trees.

I ❤ SF | Idle Hand Tattoo Parlor

Yesterday afternoon, my roommates and I took a little field trip to Idle Hand, a tattoo parlor in the Lower Haight, where my sweet roomie, Tara got her first tattoo. In the capable hands Ryan Schaffer–who also works over at Picture Machine–Tara had a verse from the Shel Silverstein poem Listen To The Mustn’ts etched onto her inner arm in her fathers handwriting.
We came along as emotional support and I managed to snap a few shots of the interior of this awesome spot. Taxidermy, text and flash art tattoos adorned every wall, and the handsomely inked gents running the place were kind enough to let me wander around with my camera without getting totally irritated, so thanks boys.
Tara handled it like a champ and it seems to be healing nicely. This little adventure totally lit a flame under me to get my next piece drawn up. I know exactly what I want but I just need to put it down on paper, or have someone else sketch it up for me. Also, it’s going to cost a small fortune.
Do you have any tattoos? What of, or what would you like to get? Oh, and if you’re looking to make it a reality, hit up Ryan or any of the talented artists at Idle Hand. Tell ’em Gypsi sent ya.
Idle Hand Tattoo
575 Haight St. @ Steiner
San Francisco, CA 94117

I ❤ SF | Outsidelands Lineup Announcement

Holy shit, kids. Will you just LOOK at this years lineup for Outsidelands 2013?! I'm having heart palpitations. This is happening in my backyard practically. I can't even…I'm just…like…wdcbiwjhdcm. I'm excited about pretty much everyone on here. Wish their was a bit more local flavor in the lineup, but I'm sure their will be shit ton of amazing locals tearing up the regular venues that week too. Pretty goddamn exciting.