ABC’s of Fashion – Toro Y Moi + i-D Magazine

I mean, how could I not? Toro Y Moi’s infectious  60’s influenced sound on this track is good enough as it is, but when paired with poppy pastels and pretty much all my fav designers? This, my friends, is perfection. Featuring Anais (maybe has the best name ever) Pouliot and Marina Nery, i-D Magazine should be given a hug or something for putting together this alphabetical tour of the amazing autumn/winter designs we saw on the runway this year. F is definitely for Fabulous.

OOTD | A Trip to Oakland


wpid-Photo-Dec-17-2013-425-AM.jpg{boots :: Steve Madden | socks :: old H&M | tights :: Hue | shorts :: Levi’s via Marshall’s | sweater :: Old Navy via Goodwill | denim jacket :: Climate Control via Wasteland | shades :: Clobba Haight St.}





Crossed the bay over to Oakland yesterday to meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks. The moon was huge and yellow as it came up over the Oakland skyline and I immediately regretted not bringing my camera with me. I am hesitant to bring it out with me since my last one was stolen. I have this wierd anxiety that I am going to set it down somewhere and it’ll just be gone. I need to get over this.

I caught Bart over to West Oakland and met up with my friend Dani, who bartends with me at my work. She’s a fantastic Floridian of the non-crazy variety. Or at least the good crazy variety. She scooped me up in her darling little orange rollerskate of a car and we headed over to feast upon the visual and culinary deliciousness over at Mua Oakland bar and restaurant. Their industrial/warehouse space is fantastic and huge, full of interesting art, attractive human beings,  and outstanding libations. A tiny, elderly asian woman in a green dress seated us at one of the small round tables in the center of the dining room, where we had a full 360 degree view of the restaurant, with it’s double-height ceiling and exposed brick walls. Their bar is beautiful and well populated, even on a Tuesday evening. We started out with the burrata and the beef bone marrow, which were both mouth watering. Our other coworker, Povi, joined us with her brother and not long after my friend Prudence arrived. We caught up over another round of drinks and an order of the citrus-chili chicken wings, which might have been my favorite of the evening. I got the duck confit for the main course and completely devoured the whole thing. The cocktails were scrumptious, my personal favorite being the rosemary martini, which was so refreshing and light it was a little bit dangerous. So easy to drink!

We moved on to Plum on Broadway, which was dimly lit and beautifully appointed, with mirrored light fixtures and walls papered in poetry. The bartenders were friendly and entertaining and the drinks were excellent and well recommended. It was a quiet evening, with maybe eight or nine other people at the bar with our group, most of whom seemed to be on dates; it was a tuesday night, after all. We lingered at the bar for a bit before moving to an open window table and carrying on conversations on all manner of things as the few people out on the street passed our warm little bubble of inebriated conversation.

It was a pleasantly crisp evening, with the christmas lights twinkling on the oak trees all over town. I was comfortable in these Levi’s shorts layered over a pair of tights, with some wooly warm socks keeping my toes from freezing in my boots. I ended up swapping this jacket out for my vintage velvet trench and my new favorite scarf (which I wore together here).

All in all a lovely night full of grand adventures with friends new and old. I don’t get over to Oakland enough, so I’m excited to have friends that live over there and know their way around. It’s funny, I have loads of family in the East Bay, but I never really explored it much. It’ll be fun discovering what it has to offer.

OOTD | baby! it’s cold outside

Oh, hey look! It’s me! I’m back! I finally purchased my new camera and it just arrived a few days ago. I am so entirely taken with this handsome piece of gadgetry. I scored this amazing Canon Rebel T3i kit with 3 lenses for about $900.  I also sprang for a 3 year service contract, because I am accident prone. And yes, I bought it off QVC, because I am a 70 year old woman at heart and cannot resist a good deal. I’m still learning my way around it, but so far I love the quality and I’m having so much fun discovering and playing around with all the cool upgrades from my old camera (video! live view mode! a flip panel view finder!). These are a few of the first real photos I’ve taken with him. Yes, it’s a him. I havn’t settled on a name yet, but I’ll keep you updated.
And now for the weather.
Temperatures in SF have been pretty low this week. I went to work the other day and found myself actively resenting every single person who opened the door, as it allowed gusts of icy wind to whip through the restaurant. I-in all my infinite wisdom, had not worn a sweater. It’s been so cold we actually turned the heater on in our apartment…which is something we do not do, because we live in SF and can barely afford our rent, let alone our gas bill. My toes are numb. Which isn’t really that weird, since I possess perpetually frozen feet, but still. It’s cold. I am whining. People who live places with actual nasty weather can start telling me to suck it up now.
In response to the aforementioned numbingly cold conditions, I bought this scarf from Urban Outfitters while wandering aimlessly downtown yesterday after work. This scarf is magical. It is essentially the equivalent of wearing  a blankie around my head and shoulders. And let me tell you something, with the current climate we are enduring, that is a whole mess of win. I find myself shivering violently on street corners and overhearing the same conversation, in which the participants recite the same dozen or so lines about how god forsaken cold out it is– accompanied with various expletives and exaggerated “Brrrrr!” noises–and I find myself thinking about how much nicer their lives would be if they only had a scarf as warm and toasty as mine. Believe me, invest in a cozy scarf. You will have no regrets. Except maybe that you had allowed your neck and chin region to go unclothed for so long. That is the only possible failing in this scenario.
In other news…
  • I am remodeling my room. Again. Because this is something I am compelled to do every few months. It has resulted in a mass expulsion of furniture and clothing and now I am in the market for a new desk and desk chair.
  • I’ve been on a bit of a movie-going kick the last few days. I went and saw Catching Fire with my dear friend Christine the other evening and it was fantastic, as expected. Then on Friday night I went and saw Blue Jasmine with my roommates. It was also very good but in a completely different way. It was cool to see the parts that were filmed in SF, but also kind of disappointing because it didn’t actually seem like there were that many. Excellent movie, anyways.
  • I’ve never been a lipstick person. I’m much more a Chapstick kind of girl, but my roommate rocks some interesting shades and I’ve decided I’m finally at the age where I’m going to make lipstick a thing for me. I snagged this awesome shade of red from Sephora the other day (before the scarf. I need supervision while downtown with money in my pockets) it’s called Live it Up from the Bare Escentuals Marvelous Moxie lipstick line. I’ve been using Bare Escentuals since high school and didn’t even know they made lipstick. This stuff is fab tho, rich, creamy and long lasting. I ate a breakfast burrito with this shiz on, and even though it got all over my burrito, I still had plenty of pigment on my lips after the massacre. I don’t have enough experience with lipstick to know if thats good or bad though.
  • I found this black velvet coat at Goodwill some time ago. I love it’s worn edges.
  • These black Steve Madden Tiaraa Booties have been on my feet pretty much non-stop since I got them in the fall. I wear em to work or just kick around the city in. Their showing the love, but that’s what shoes are for, right?
  • This sweater was a score at ross, and the red dress is a Converse for Target thift store score. I am also wearing both leggings and tights. Because it’s colder’n a ticket-taker’s smile at the Ivar Theater on a Saturday night (kudos if you get the reference.)
  • There are drunk people singing outside my window and I think I just remembered where my electric blanket is stashed and I am suddenly so excited.

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
In honor of one of my personal icons, Freddie Mercury–whose birthday was yesterday, BTW–I threw together a few looks inspired by a few of the talented singer, song writer and performer’s stage ensembles. Freddie was through and through a showman, and his wardrobe choices both on and off the stage were bold and graphic. I tried to capture a little of that flair and flamboyancy that made Freddie’s style so iconic. Bold stripes, bright colors, leather and studs and vibrant contrasts were all signatures of Freddie’s look. How would you recreate Mr. Mercury’s look?
Freddie Mercury Outfit 1
Freddie Mercury Outfit 2

Window Shopping | Autumn Wishlist

Autumn is my favorite season, and even though San Francisco gets all Indian Summery as soon as the rest of the world starts to layer up the scarves and the sweaters, I’m still uncontrollably drawn to autumnal color palettes and chunky knits. Maybe it’s because all my favorite holidays are in the fall (my birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving) or maybe it’s just because these colors sort of already dominate my closet…either way, I’m smitten. Here are a few of the things tempting me to throw away all my money.
1|A cozy brown Sweater for snuggaling up in.
2 | Some sweet Jeffrey Campbell x Nasty Gal Rum Moto Booties for kicking ass and taking names in.
3 | These oxblood colored ASOS High Rise Skinny Cords.
4 | This gorgeous Pamela Love Feather Cuff is calling my name.
5 | I’m in need of a new pair of eyes, and these Vintage Wayfarer Specs are the epitome of retro cool.
6 | I want an Army Green Parka to keep out the fog.
7 | This adorably nerdy Harry Potter Ring speaks parsltounge to the geek in me.
# |and some cool Numerical Cookie Cutters for all the baked goods I’m craving.
what are you lusting after this autumn?