Gift Guide | H is for Home for the Holidays



Carlisle Peak Anorak Jacket

The holidays always make me a little bit homesick for Lake Tahoe. I’m from the California side (obvs.) and I spent the majority of my formative years in South Lake Tahoe. This Christmas marks my third year living in San Francisco and may well mark the first year I don’t make it home for the holiday. A part of me is ok with this. And another part of me is making indignant, whiney noises in the back of my mind, appalled at the very idea of it.

Whatever ends up happening, I wanted to put together a little assemblage of pieces that remind me of home. So, without further ado…a Tahoe themed gift guide.

  • I feel like I’ve seen these cool wood-cut topographical maps of the Lake before, but their still very cool and remind me of going on school field trips to places like the Lake Tahoe Maritime Museum
  • This Pendleton Canyonville Tote should hold everything a girl needs for an overnight in the mountains. Unless your me, in which case you need six of these.
  • this darling vintage round paint-by-numbers landscape would have looked adorable in the little cabin my best friend and I shared for a year. It was a priceless 70’s  Tahoe relic of a house, all 70’s shag carpet and knotty pine paneling. My weird, converted attic room had wall to wall lime green shag carpeting. I shit you not. Top it off with a yellow tiled kitchen and matching yellow stove. Yup, this baby woulda fit in just fine.
  • a pretty blue and grey rug to snuggle up on in front of the fire while the snow swirls down outside.
  • bring the mountains with you with these charming little snow-capped mountain top studs.
  • I have expressed my newfound love for chunky-knit infinity scarves before, and now my lust for them cannot be slackened. Except perhaps by these pretty little numbers by Scarf Lovers on Etsy.
  • A a few nips from this scenic mountain-scape flask on the bus ride up and I probably wont harm any screaming children. I might even share with them.
  • This is probably what the kids and I will be drinking.
  • More snuggly goodness with this yummy grey eco-cotton hand knit sweater by Max Melody on Etsy.
  • I owned the bomber-jacket equivalent of this awesome Carlisle Peak Anorak Jacket from Ruche when I was in high school and fucking adored it. Thus, all army green jackets with hoods will forever remind me of waiting for the bus in the snow with the extra-deep hood on this bad boy pulled up over my headphones.

What reminds you of home? Are you heading there for the holidays?

Gift Guide | F is for Feline Fanatics



We all know at least one. She may not be a “crazy cat lady” but her undying love for her feline companion is something to behold. If you follow her instagram, there are dozens of videos and pics of her cat doing things all cats do, all of them filmed/snapped with all the enthusiasm of a jubilant new parent documenting their child’s first steps.. She has lint rollers stashed in her car, her purse and by the front door of her house since nothing may enter her abode without becoming completely coated in cat hair. She would never date a man her cat didn’t like or who didn’t like her cat. She bases a lot of her friendships on this rule as well.

In the event that you are familiar with such a lady, and are willing to give her something else for her cat to coat in it’s fuzz, I’ve put together a little gift guide for those obsessed with felines. Enjoy!

Check out more of my Feline Fanatic picks over on my Etsy and my Pinterest Gift Guide Board.

Gift Guide | D is for Dad

dad2 dad Dads. We all have one. Or maybe a father figure. Anyways, theres someone in your life who represents the archetype of a dad, and he should probably get something cool for christmas too. My dad is sort of a manly man. I grew up going fishing and camping with him, and he and my brother are both hunters and generally rugged individuals. Needless to say, my prevailing girly nature frustrates him to no end. So this is my attempt at a mountain man themed gift guide, since my father is the epitome of one.

  • This cool screen print “The Outdoorsman” by The Best Part is an 8-color homage to vintage camping gear that reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom and my dad.
  • A handsome leather card sleeve is the perfect stocking stuffer for a dad with a day job.
  • And it will go perfectly with this slim, classic leather briefcase by Red Clouds Collective.
  • I’ve been wanting to scoop this book up for my dad for ages, since it’s right up his alley. Whole Larder Love: Grow Gather Hunt Cook is the print compendium of Australian food and lifestyle blogger Rohan Anderson‘s vast knowledge. His blog chronicles his mission to live sustainably off the land, growing, hunting, fishing, foraging and preserving in order to provide for himself and his family. The book is equal parts cook book and wilderness guide, with tips on how to set up a home garden, forage for edible food in the wild, and what gear and resources to utilize while pursuing a simpler, more connected lifestyle.
  • This beautiful wood and brass fish serving platter would look perfect in my dads kitchen.
  • Fig and Yarrow‘s bayleaf and balsamic vanilla aftershave comes gift-ready in a black box tied with twine, and the handsome amber glass bottle is made to be left casually on bathroom countertops.
  • Keep that countertop from getting too cluttered with this rugged leather dopp kit which has a removable waterproof lining. Perfect for at home or while traveling.
  • I have never seen my fathers face. He’s had a full beard since his early twenties and I have no idea what he looks like without it. This fir needle scented beard oil by the succinctly named Simply Great Beard Oil Company should keep those bristles fresh smelling and lustrous.
  • How about some father daughter bonding? With the Brewery In A Box by Urban Brewery you two can get in some quality time together while brewing your own one gallon batch of beer. Yeah family bonding over alcohol!
  • These repurposed vintage apothecary bottles make gorgeous, custom etched decanters for whatever your brand of liquid courage is.
  • These gorgeous vintage brass stags head bookends would look stunning supporting a row of your dads favorite books.
  • Gyotaku is the traditional Japanese method of printing fish that was originally intended as a way for fishermen to record their catch, but evolved into an art form of it’s own. This reproduction Gyotaku print of a striped bass would look beautiful framed in an office or minimal kitchen.
  • These spiffy little storage devices are called Tool Dots and their simple, ingenious solution to the clutter of the garage or tool shed. The dots adhere to the wall with an adhesive backing and a super-strong magnet covered in a plastic bumper grabs your tools and keeps them in place, organizing and displaying simultaneously.

So, what are you getting your dad for the holdays? Check out the rest of my picks for pops over here, and stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet!

Gift Guide | C is for Cyclist



San Francisco is a city full of bicycles and the people who love them. Considering the topography of this city, I find it impressive that so many people use a bike as their primary mode of transportation. In addition to that, I consider bike riding in the city to be a terrifying gamble with ones life, so I abstain. I’m accident prone, and SF is notorious for bike accidents so I’ll stick to MUNI and my own two feet, thank you very much. Perhaps when the streets become safer for cyclists I’ll invest in a bike of my own again. Perhaps something that looks like this? Until I get my own set of wheels I guess I can spoil my pedal pushing friends with some nifty accessories and pretty bike paraphernalia.

Honorable Mention: Hövding the Airbag for Cyclists an invisible helmet that revolutionizes biking and removes the conundrum of sacrificing style for safety. Halleluja!!