Gift Guide | H is for Home for the Holidays



Carlisle Peak Anorak Jacket

The holidays always make me a little bit homesick for Lake Tahoe. I’m from the California side (obvs.) and I spent the majority of my formative years in South Lake Tahoe. This Christmas marks my third year living in San Francisco and may well mark the first year I don’t make it home for the holiday. A part of me is ok with this. And another part of me is making indignant, whiney noises in the back of my mind, appalled at the very idea of it.

Whatever ends up happening, I wanted to put together a little assemblage of pieces that remind me of home. So, without further ado…a Tahoe themed gift guide.

  • I feel like I’ve seen these cool wood-cut topographical maps of the Lake before, but their still very cool and remind me of going on school field trips to places like the Lake Tahoe Maritime Museum
  • This Pendleton Canyonville Tote should hold everything a girl needs for an overnight in the mountains. Unless your me, in which case you need six of these.
  • this darling vintage round paint-by-numbers landscape would have looked adorable in the little cabin my best friend and I shared for a year. It was a priceless 70’s  Tahoe relic of a house, all 70’s shag carpet and knotty pine paneling. My weird, converted attic room had wall to wall lime green shag carpeting. I shit you not. Top it off with a yellow tiled kitchen and matching yellow stove. Yup, this baby woulda fit in just fine.
  • a pretty blue and grey rug to snuggle up on in front of the fire while the snow swirls down outside.
  • bring the mountains with you with these charming little snow-capped mountain top studs.
  • I have expressed my newfound love for chunky-knit infinity scarves before, and now my lust for them cannot be slackened. Except perhaps by these pretty little numbers by Scarf Lovers on Etsy.
  • A a few nips from this scenic mountain-scape flask on the bus ride up and I probably wont harm any screaming children. I might even share with them.
  • This is probably what the kids and I will be drinking.
  • More snuggly goodness with this yummy grey eco-cotton hand knit sweater by Max Melody on Etsy.
  • I owned the bomber-jacket equivalent of this awesome Carlisle Peak Anorak Jacket from Ruche when I was in high school and fucking adored it. Thus, all army green jackets with hoods will forever remind me of waiting for the bus in the snow with the extra-deep hood on this bad boy pulled up over my headphones.

What reminds you of home? Are you heading there for the holidays?

Gift Guide | B is for Brother



B is for Brother. Yeah, that kid. The one you spent most of your adolescence trying to either ignore or murder. Yup. Aren’t you glad you two have grown out of that? It’s much nicer on the other side, trust me. Realizing your siblings are your allies is sort of like a Homer Simpson “D’oh!” moment. You finally move out of your parents house and suddenly you come to this realization that all that time you wasted fighting with each other could have been better spent as a team. A unified front against the evils of Mom and Dad. Now that my little brother and I are friends, I always feel really compelled to find him an awesome Christmas present. That being said, we have completely opposing taste. He’s a backwoods snow bro living in Tahoe, while I’m the stereo typical vintage-loving hipster chick. Nevertheless, we have conflicting ideas about what is “cool”. So this gift guide is more a mash of things I think are cool than things my actual brother would think are cool. Except for maybe that recycled skateboard bench from Deckstool, Ty would totally be into that.

Check out the rest of my picks for the brother you don’t call enough over here. Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet!